Action Set for THC MoveMaker

2-4 years: Initial wiggle

Activity 1: Cracking Moves

Differentiation: Wiggling requires shoulder or hip rotation (2-4 years), both shoulder and hip rotation and loose arms expected from children 4-8 years

‘The better the wiggle’ (i.e. fast hip and shoulder rotation) the faster the egg will crack

4-8 years old: Mature wiggle

2-4 years: Initial Climb

Activity 2: Picking Plums

Differentiation: Climbing requires single asymmetrical arm or leg movements (2-4 years), sequenced symmetrical arm and leg movements (4-8 years)

The better the climb (i.e. fast asymmetrical sequencing of arms and legs) the faster THC will climb

4-8 years old: Mature climb

2-4 years: Initial crouch

Activity 3: Crouching Chrysalis

Differentiation: Crouch requires single symmetrical high to low movement (2-4 years), holding low position with leg strength and balance (4-8 years)

The faster the child moves from high to low, the faster THC falls asleep. Steady and still position speeds up the forming of the chrysalis


4-8 years old: Mature crouch

2-4 years: Initial flying

Activity 4: Waving Wings

Differentiation: Flying requires single symmetrical arm movement (2-4 years), increased flow, speed and force for children (4-8 years)

Symmetry, speed, flow and force will determine the orientation and tempo of the butterfly’s flight.

4-8 years old: Mature flying

2-4 years: Initial Jump

Activity 5: Jumping for Juice

Differentiation: Vertical jump includes initial crouch followed by arms extended above the head  (2-4 years), 2 feet lifted off the ground, body fully stretched at the high point, controlled landing on two feet (4-8 years)

Height, size and position of the asset (an orange) adapts in line with child’s baseline jumping capability

4-8 years old: Mature Jump

love to move, learn to move, move to learn