Soccer Sphere & MoveAhead

US based Virtual Coaching platform, TopYa! has over 200,000 children subscribing to their wide range of sporting apps and programs including ‘Soccer Sphere’

MoveAhead partnered with TopYa! for a proof of concept to replace the ‘human review’ system currently used in the Soccer Sphere app. MoveAhead’s API and advanced ‘automated’ feedback goes above and beyond the capabilities of human review

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  • MoveAhead platform provides principled and nuanced feedback in realtime
  • With Soccer Sphere’s current approach, users wait an average of 6 hours for feedback
  • With MoveAhead, users don’t wait!
  • MoveAhead’s API provides nunaced and personalised child-centred feedback that goes above and beyond the capabilities of the human eye
  • Not only is MoveAhead faster and more accurate, but we are more than 150 times cheaper every time we provide feedback
  • This technological advantage is reflected in a high gross margin ranging between [83-99%]
  • MoveAhead’s added value is faster, cheaper and more nuanced feedback which keeps children engaged and developing and keeps parents paying subscriptions
  • MoveAhead has used Soccer Sphere videos as training data to develop models of sports equipment (e.g. the soccer ball) with positive outcomes
  • The combined tracking of a child’s movement and sporting equipment would fundamentally move the needle on what is deemed possible for virtual coaching and skill development

“MoveAhead enables Soccer Sphere to achieve a dream we thought was, at best, 5 years away. Their solution has us rethinking what is possible. Going forward, we see MoveAhead as being a crucial part of our ecosystem”

Taylor Ohlsen, TopYa! CPO

MoveAhead safely tracks, analyses and supports development of children’s soccer skills, putting and keeping children ‘in the game’