Privacy Policy

MoveAhead is a privacy-first company. Why? Because we recognise that a child’s need for digital and data privacy protections is crucial.

Effective date: 7th October 2022
Last Updated: 20th October 2023


This Privacy Statement explains how data is collected, used, and disclosed by MoveAhead Limited, an Irish company (“we”, “us”, “our”) in connection with your use of the associated services (collectively the “Services”) of MoveAhead.

We respect your right to privacy and your freedom to control and monitor your children’s online activities. This Privacy Statement sets out the basis on which any data we collect from you and from children who use our Services will be processed by us.

Privacy by Design

From the beginning, we have taken a privacy-first approach to ensure our technology is not only accurate and educational but entirely safe for children. This privacy-first approach informs every step of MoveAhead’s solution from the way we build and deploy our movement technology, to the way we present our movement analytics. 

Where you are accessing our Services through a third party, you can be confident that we never handle personal data. There are two ways third party’s use of our Services: 1) our body tracking and movement analytics is embedded into the third party application, it runs completely offline, with no data passed to MoveAhead; 2) An online component where completely anonymised coordinates associated with the End User’s movement skill performance (e.g. hop, jump etc.) represented as anonymised text, is passed to MoveAhead and processed by the Services. This is achieved by placing an invisible skeleton over the end-user’s body and understanding the movement performance as anonymised ‘x, y’ coordinates associated with a movement skill. This process is illustrated below. No other data relating to the identity of the child is received by our system. 

             What the child sees

           MoveAhead’s body tracking

             Data passed to MoveAhead

Depending on the terms and conditions agreed with the third party provider, anonymised movement data (json text file, with x, y coordinates associated with the End User’s movement) may be retained in our system after processing for the sole purpose of improving the Services. In other cases, the data is deleted immediately after processing. You should check with the third party to clarify the basis on which the movement data is passed to our system to assess whether or not it is retained post-processing.

Uses made of this data

We use anonymised coordinates associated with the End User’s movement skill performance to:


·      Refine our movement analytics technology

·      Personalise the movement-based experience for the end-user

·      Refine our understanding of children’s movement learning pathways

·      Best support improvement and development of movement skill performance


  • The movement data sent to our system are completely anonymized numbers and coordinates which represent movement performance (a jump, a hop, a skip etc.)
  • These anonymized numbers are encrypted in our system (in transit and at rest).
  • We use these numbers to give children and parents feedback on their movement performance and to help them develop the quality of their movement. 


  • Any movement data retained in our system is only used to improve the accuracy of our movement analytics engine
  • Data is also retained to help children improve their movement performance over time
  • No. MoveAhead will never take images or Video from a user’s device.
  • No. MoveAhead does not take personal data from end users
  • Data passed to MoveAhead via third-parties is stored on our secure servers

Contact Details

Questions, comments, and requests regarding this Privacy and Statement are welcomed and should be addressed to MoveAhead Limited with its registered office at Suite 123, Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylor’s Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland, or 

If you are in the European Union, please note that our Data Protection Officer (DPO), Dr. Jamie McGann, can be contacted at