Decathlon & MoveAhead

Tier 1 company, Decathlon, is the largest sports retailer in world, specialising in innovative own brand sports products for children, adolescents and adults.
With over 2,000 stores, across 56 countries in 5 continents, Decathlon reaches children and families in every corner of the globe

MoveAhead have partnered with Decathlon to support research and design activities focused on children’s products, and to enhance the child’s product experience with virtual coaching applications

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  • Paid pilot commissioned by Decathlon R&D
  • MoveAhead platform empowers Decathlon researchers to validate tennis products for kids, beyond the lab, at tennis clubs around Europe
  • R&D team validated accuracy of the MoveAhead platform against the company’s $100,000+ lab-based motion capture system
  • 96% reliability found between MoveAhead’s mobile solution and gold standard lab-based solution
  • MoveAhead’s added value is faster, cheaper and more robust product validation

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  • Virtual Coaching App to accompany and market Decathlon tennis product
  • MoveAhead platform provides users with gamified feedback on tennis performance (i.e. number and tempo of strikes, number of backhands and forehands etc.)
  • Includes leaderboard and classification based performance, age and gender
  • Feedback on user tennis swing, highlighting ‘features’ passed and features to work on
  • Classification of overall progress and tennis performance

“We have always had budget for tech solutions to accompany our products, but we never found a solution like MoveAhead that could enhance the product value and improve the user’s play and learning experience – [MoveAhead] is really exciting for us”

Matthieu Foissac, Decathlon Product Manager

96% comparison reliability between MoveAhead’s mobile solution and Decathlon’s motion-capture system